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Rules. The Prince's Lounge. YouTube Videos.




Namoshkar and Namaste Everyone!

Here we can share the love of all things Prince Soma related from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji be it from the Anime or the Manga!

Visitors and Watchers are always welcome, however it only takes one click with that mouse of yours and you can be joining instead! And then you can say with pride that ''I love Prince Soma Asman Kadar and I can prove it!''


:iconalphabetars: :iconletter-gplz::iconletter-nplz::iconletter-iplz:


Members here also have a lot of respect and admiration for Agni!

And so he has his own folder because he is a very important person to Prince Soma and where would Soma be without his khan-sama?


So if you Love him too!
Then this is the group for you!
Jo Ajna!



:heart: Rules :heart:

:bulletblue: Only add deviations that are related to either Prince Soma or Agni.

:bulletred: Bashing is prohibited. It's rude and unnecessary.

:bulletblue: Be respectful to EVERY member of the group and any one who has submitted deviations into the gallery!

:bulletred: Do not cause a fuss if you have a problem. Calmly tell one of the Admin Team Members outside of the group, preferably by note and we shall try and resolve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

:bulletblue: Make sure all your deviations have been placed into the correct folder in the Gallery.

:bulletred: Make sure any screenshots you submit has been clearly credited to their rightful owner.

:bulletblue: Yaoi/Shounen ai is accepted as long as it is placed in the correct folder in the gallery.

:bulletred: Mature content is fine to submit but it MUST be stated as such.

:bulletblue: And finally NO stealing other deviants work and claiming it to be yours. It's very rude, disrespectful and you would not like it if it was done to you! And more importantly i'm pretty sure it goes against the DA rules as well!


As a side note, if you want to add any new or existing Prince Soma or Agni relevant deviations to the group, PLEASE do. They will be all greatly appreciated! And WE have to boost fan art numbers!

There is an unlimited number of deviations that you can submit per day but bare in mind if it's not Prince Soma or Agni related it will be removed. However only The Admin Team can add deviations to the featured folder!


And so that is pretty much it!

Hopefully those rules are not too hard to follow and so I wish that you will all enjoy being a part of this group and share in the love of all things Princely!



:heart: The Prince's Lounge :heart:…

This is our current chat room for those who would like to speak in groups, have problems that need solving, or would just like to hang out a bit with fellow Black Butler and Prince Soma lovers.


But please! Be mindful of the rules:

- Be nice and respectful to everyone!

- Do not make anyone feel uncomfortable; try to keep it age appropriate (G - PG-13).

- Have fun, but use common sense and your manners! c:

Thank you and Enjoy your stay!



:heart: YouTube Videos :heart:

You have not seen these before? Well then you might just like what you see!


Note:- If you can not view the videos then you must download and install the latest Adobe Flash Player Software onto your PC or Mac! Don't worry it's free!







Well I think Soma would make a very good Sherlock Holmes if I do say so myself! And very pretty one at that too!



A Bit About Me, :iconzinniasnowdrop:

:bulletpink: The name is Jasmine but you can call me Zinnia, Zi or Tea Leaf.

:bulletpink: I love of a HUGE variety of manga and anime, but my favourites are Reverse Harem, Shounen, Shounen-ai, Yaoi and Shounen that have great shipping possibilities.

:bulletpink: I appreciate a huge variety of art but I like manga and anime fanart and both Traditional and Digital fantasy art the most.

:bulletpink: I like to do the occasional traditional manga and anime drawing and motivational poster from time to time so please feel free to comment if you like what you see!

:bulletpink: I also love any good film animation be it from Disney/Pixar, DreamWorks etc, and any good TV animation for example Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra.

:bulletpink: I've always been interested in different cultures and opinions and am very fond of diversity.

:bulletpink: But I am also very proud to be British! :heart:

Britain by Eventer4Ever-AliMug of British Tea Avatar by Kezzi-RoseTea Makes Everything Better by delusional-dreams


I initially created this group because I saw that there was only one other Prince Soma group on deviantArt which seemed to be pretty quiet and then there was only one purely Soma x Agni Group which also had not been used much for a while now.

Prince Soma is my favourite character from Black Butler and I saw that there were a load of other Black Butler character groups out there, so I thought to myself? (haha quoting Drocell now xD) why isn't there a good one for the Prince? I shall I have to do something about that! I also love Agni too! How can you not love a guy who's so loyal and dedicated to his master that he gains god-like powers?! That's epic if you ask me! So ... I founded this group!

Namaste Everyone! :tighthug:

:rose::heart:Prince Soma Stamp :D by Mani-Hime:rose::heart:Agni STAMP by ForeverSonu:rose::heart:

Mug of British Tea Avatar by Kezzi-RoseUK by clairebearer

- ZinniaSnowdrop


Hey everyone! I am basically the admin's sprucer and follow up and the first and foremost Co-Founder of the group. I make sure that she has back-up in the group, and we're taking care of it like it should be. This is a safe place for you to enjoy yourselves and I intend to keep it that way.

I'm in North Carolina, USA - so if you're from the U.S and have a problem concerning something and you think I might understand better or I seem more inviting or even if you're already a friend of mine, just head on over and send me a note or comment. I'm a huge fan of Prince Soma, and I'm very into the Indian culture, traditions, and religious mindsets; I'm also very fond of Owls, Glitter, and Art. Prince Soma is indeed my favorite Black Butler character, Agni is a close second - I find their bond to be rather strong and full of love just as mine is with my close friend. I've been following the Kuroshitsuji manga since late 2006 - and I am eagerly on top of when the new volumes arise. I've been a die hard fan of Soma since his appearance in the 'Curry Arc' (as I call it, haha). I have a character named Charity Quinn who is often seen in the pictures I draw of him, stories, or any other Kuro. related things - they are my 'pairing' and I hope that you'll enjoy anything I dish out for them (after all, you're getting a little more Soma in your life!). People call me Mama Owl, you can call me that too if you wish (Or Chey, I don't mind that either) - But never refer to me as my username, haha.

I'm here most of the time and I check my mail every day. :heart:

Namaste, Lovelies. <3

- ValentineHearts


Hey everyone I'm :iconsavvy96:, call me Savvy or whatever you want XD I live in the United States and am super excited to be a part of this group! I don't have much to say about myself, lol. I draw a lot of manga art and also write a bit. One of my favorite colors is green. and I don't know what else to say. XD

- Savvy96

Hello everyone! :wave: My name is Ze-RoFruits!


I'm very happy to be a part of this group - because honestly, Soma is the only thing that ties me to Kuroshitusji. xD (Agni too)

I'm a traditional and digital artist. I draw a lot of fanart, mainly Bleach and I'm always looking for new artistic challenges to improve and create better artwork. Besides that, I'm pretty obsessed with beautiful characters, so Prince Soma is definitely on that list! :3


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! I'm on Deviant Art almost every day, so there's a high chance I'll read your notes or comments. :3 I hope you enjoy this group and most importantly: have fun! :w00t:

See you around! :D

- Ze-RoFruits

Namaste! I'm :iconkiramaru7:, but you can call me kira. I'm one of the new admins here. :wave: I don't usually talk about myself, so if this is short & sweet, you know why. ;p I'm from New York and I love Soma & Agni. *has cosplayed as Soma a few times* ;p I like to write & draw & have been basically writing Soma & Agni since their first appearance in the manga. My fave Soma moment in the anime is during the 1st OVA when he has what I like to call a "curry-gasm" over Agni's wonderful curry. ;p My fave Soma moment in the manga: His entrance at the private school Ciel is attending, along with watching him play cricket! ;p

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. If I don't know the answer, I'll be sure to hunt it down for you. :D

- kiramaru7


We will all be happy to help you if you have any questions about submissions or anything else you fancy talking about.

Apart from that I hope you'll enjoy your time here and share in the love of all things Princely!




Valide Sultan


Gallery Folders


Random from Favourites

Lovely Prince Soma or Agni Related Fan Art


Hey guys,


I'm pretty sure most you will be aware that Kuroshitsuji is back on our screens! It's going to be following the Manga from now on so this arc will be after our glorious curry arc.

So its the Book of Circus based on the circus arc with Joker and Beast and everyone so yeah it's going to be so good. And then they will be doing the Murder Mystery arc as a OVA too.

I'm not sure if our Soma or Agni will be in any of these but i'll totally keep an eye out! :heart:

So yeah just letting you guys know! I'm going to be watching it in English Subs from here --->…

So yeah just letting you guys know.

Zinnia xx


Sorry for the late posting of eps 2, I will continue to post a link each week,here you go!…

I'm loving it so much at the moment. I'm so glad they decided to follow the manga. I love Joker so much! :heart:

And it's always lovely to see the gorgeous Sebastian.




So guys this was the link to the 3rd eps of Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler…

I'm so happy it's back, even though it's following the manga so I know the story, it still feels all new and fresh and amazing and I'm just so happy.

And it was also great to see our Soma and Agni again! I swear to god just one blummin' scene and I was grinning like crazy they just make me feel so happy! :iconhappyhappyplz:

Here's some images and gifs of them from eps 3, hopefully we'll see them again! :heart:

So yeah I hope you enjoyed it too, seeing our babies.

Any comments and opinions are hugely welcome! :D

Zinnia xx

Just look at this little cutie patootie! :icon34nipahplz: :heart:

How adorable can one person be?!?!? :iconkawaiidesuplz: :heart:

And Agni looking so fine, badass and gentle all at the same time! How does he do that!?! :iconcuriosityplz: :heart:

Sebastian's summary lol


So here is a link to the 4th episode! :D…

I really loved it as per usual, but i don't remember it being that bloody in the manga, unless I'm remembering it wrong.

Still really good though, I can't wait for more! :clap:


So here is a link to the 5th episode! :D…

Looks like our Bengali boys will be in it next week,can't wait! :w00t:


I am so sorry for the late post to the link of the 6th episode. I've had a busy few days and not been on DA much this weekend.

Here it is!…

For those of you who have already watched it I hope you all enjoyed the episode. I was waiting for the Sebastian/Beast scene to see if they would actually put it in, it was cool! :D

But also our boys were in it too! I loved those scenes so much. Soma really cares of Ciel (even though Ciel throws it back in his face really) but it was also really cool to see Sebastian taking Agni so seriously.

They are fellow khan-samas after all!

Have some lovely images and gifs!


''To place the well being of your master above all other concerns; that is the butler’s aesthetic!!''

I love this image so much!

They are both really good friends to Ciel and Sebastian!



So sorry for the late posting of the link for episode 7.…

I haven't had good internet this week so this was the time I could only really do it.

It coming up to the finale now isn't it (if you have read the manga you know what's what)

Glad to see our boys were in this episode too!

Soma was so damn cute on Agni's back! I love those two so so so so so much!

And you tried Soma baby you tired, you had your best intention, Ciel just chose to ignore you as per usual! :heart:

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